Palm Living is a team of local and foreign professionals in Bali. We are easy to work with and like to hear your ideas on building a villa in Bali. We can guide you in where and how you want your villa to be constructed. Our local team of contractors, architects, builders, surveyors, landscapers, lawyers and property managers will make you feel at ease with everything involved with building a villa in Bali. We have good contact with local contractors and authorities; a must to have things run smoothly.  We are passionate about guiding you with building a high specification villa, while keeping things affordable and on budget. Traditional Balinese architecture and modern design are combined. We can also assist you with extensions or renovations of property you currently own.

We have been active in Villa Building in Bali for more then 22 years, and have had hundreds of villas built, of many different types. It is easy to give you references, and show you the villas already built, or being build at this time. Please come by at our office and we can talk about the possibilities.

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